Raise your hand if you are sick of snow.  I know, I know... "it's Montana, suck it up".  But for real.  Snowiest year in 40 years is what I've heard. And I believe it.  I was driving around this morning and there were guys on top of the Sysco warehouse shoveling snow off the roof. Snow seems light, but it's not.  It can weigh on average around 15 lbs per cubic foot. Multiply that times the size of this huge building and you can see how the weight becomes a problem.

Around town, business parking lots are running out places to put it all! I saw one of the tree planter cement square thingys downtown piled with about 10 feet of snow.  I guess the trees in the middle of it will get plenty of moisture when it finally starts to melt.  Which doesn't sound like anytime soon.

Do you make your kids shovel? I have two teenage boys. One who loves to hit the gym every night and the other who plays football, basketball and is signed up for track this spring. Couple of kids who aren't afraid of a little physical activity, right? You would think.  But it's like pulling teeth to get them to shovel our sidewalk and driveway.  A task that - before they pack it all down - honestly only takes 1/2 hr.

Spring is less than 30 days away. Thank God.

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