Michael Foth~TSM
Michael Foth~TSM

Last night my wifey totally surprised me when she said it would be okay if I wanted to go to Vegas in the next few months with a couple of my buds.  I thought, "this must be a trick".  Surely, if I say yes or act too excited there will be consequences?  She assured me it is ok, as long as we have the money (kinda waiting to see how things look after we meet with our tax dude).

Obviously, she would like to come with.  But we have a PITA baby that we don't want to leave with her parents for too many overnights, and a houseful of dogs that aren't easy to get someone to watch for a long weekend either.  Plus, when I get to Vegas what I like to do and what she likes to do are not always necessarily the same thing.  I like to play blackjack all night.  She doesn't play cards.  I get up relatively early in Sin City, she likes to sleep till noon.  She says I always ditch her in Vegas anyway (not true) so I should just go for it.  Ha!

My question to you is, do you - or have you - ever taken separate vacations without your spouse? Did you enjoy it?

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