This is not a drill. Some your favorite childhood candies maybe going away forever. The country's oldest continuously functioning candy company might be closing up shop. Necco Wafers. I had no idea they had been around since the Civil War. The candies kept the soldiers going because they had such a long shelf life.

If you love Mary Janes, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Sweetheats, Clark Bars, and the Necco Waffers you may want to stock up on them while you can. There is a guy who owns a candy store in McKeeport, Pa who said he has had hundreds of calls over this past weekend from people who want to buy every single thing he has in stock. It is happening nation wide. They are calling this "panic-buying". Since the company has announced that it may shut down sales have sky rocketed. So maybe they will or maybe it was a mean game to get people to increase  their sales. The word on the candy street is if in fact they are shutting down it could happen in May.

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