This is not a drill! If you are a fan of Sons Of Anarchy you may want to sit down for this. I about lost my mind when I read this last night! Fingers crossed it is true and not some mean internet rumor because that would break my heart. SOA truly is my favorite show ever. I can't even tell you how many times I have watched each season. So many times I can talk along with the episodes. If this true it true this a dream come true!

It has been three years since the show ended so it is about time Kurt Sutter is bringing it back. This spin-off will not be about SAMCRO it will focus on the Mayans and their club. Kurt Sutter said he is very excited about this project and they are working on figuring out what it will be like. So the date of when the show will start is still up in the air, but he said it will happen. One of the best parts about this new project is that he said there maybe be some crossovers with some of our favorite characters as the series goes on! Maybe some of the original nine?! Who knows but it is great to know it is coming back but just in a different form. Hold on to your leather for more details!


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