Whether you have kids or you've been a kid (which you have lol).... the mall Santa experience can be crazy. Screaming kids, impatience parents, loud Christmas music and a lot of distractions. It can be overwhelming for anyone! But it can be especially overwhelming if you are the parents to children with Autism or other disabilities where an environment like that can be too much to handle.

This year the Rimrock Mall has paired with the national group Autism Speaks to create an event called "Soothing Santa."  This allows families to get pictures before the stores open in the mall. The music is turned off and other distractions are eliminated - making the experience with Santa much easier!

Autism Speaks has helped with these events around the country since 2011. The Rimrock Mall hosted the first "Soothing Santa" this last Sunday but another “Soothing Santa” session is scheduled for next Sunday, Dec. 3rd from 10 to 11am. You can call in advance for an appointment!

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