If you love 'Schitt's Creek' and Christmas, I've got the perfect video for you.

Instagram comedian Michael Judson Berry managed to take every character from the hit television series 'Schitt's Creek' and deliver a special Christmas song playing off of Moira Rose's 'bébé' line that so many fans of the show have come to love.

He didn't just nail Moira though—he did spot-on impressions of the entire family.

If I wasn't watching, I would swear I was overhearing a 'Schitt's Creek' Christmas special in the other room the way Berry does perfect impressions of Moira, Johnny, David, and Alexis.

Also, if you didn't get enough 'bébé' you can check out this supercut that someone put together of all the best times she's used the line during the show.

Send this to ALL your friends who love 'Schitt's Creek.' I promise it will be the best thing they see today.

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