When I read this today I got so excited it was unreal! This weekend up at Metra Park the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter is having a spay and neuter clinic. On both Saturday and Sunday it starts at 8:00am. You can give them a call to get more information and to make an appointment at (406)294-7387. It is really important that get our pets "fixed" so then there isn't a bunch of fur babies who may end up without homes or at a shelter or even left to be on the streets.

Another great reason is it calms down well.... their need to violate things if you know what I mean. Our two little boy dogs have been pretty embarrassing these past very weeks as they have been way too friendly with people that come over, their toys, the furniture, shoes, basically anything they get ahold of haha My dog Jax has a Curious George toy and lets just say George is not that curios anymore. Neither is Paddington Bear, the couch pillows, or a water baby my niece left at my house. That was a weird thing to walk in on. Somethings you just can not un-see. That is one of them for sure. I was beyond excited to hear that getting them neutered the problem should get way better and that is a massive blessing! If you have a little fur friend who needs it done too get ahold of the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter today! Cone of shame here we come!

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