Get ready to enjoy an amazing Spring Fling at Central Wellness Medical and Aesthetic Spa on Thursday May 18th from 5pm-7pm. This is not just for us ladies, dudes you can come too! I had the pleasure of checking out Central Wellness for the first time just the other day. The word impressed doesn't even describe it! They offer so many different treatments and the staff was absolutely wonderful! Come check it out for yourself at the Spring Fling Event! Here is what you can look forward to!

The first 25 people to RSVP and attend will get a collagen boosting supplement. If you want to RSVP call 406-869-1066 or of course check them out on Facebook . You can come learn about their 5 favorite things for summer and save big!

1. Cool Sculpting: this eliminates that stubborn fat that just won't leave! There is no downtime and you can check out a LIVE demo during the event.

2. Hydrafacial: This corrects and perfects your skin 30 minutes.

3. Eminence: This is a new organic skincare line. You can receive a free hand treatment and even sample some other products at the Spring Fling Event.

4. Botox: If you buy 20 units you can get 10 for free and a free facial. (you have to use all the units at the same time. Ask the staff for more details.)

5. Detoxification: This is a new cleanse for your body from the inside out.

Come to the Spring Fling Event and find out about all of these treatments and more! Did you know they also do manicures, pedicures, and massages? Yep, they sure do. See you at Central Wellness on May 18th! They are located at 1010 Central Ave. STE. 2 or online at




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