P.E.A.K.S is a wonderful cause to get behind. They help out so many families that have to unfortunately struggle with a loved one going through the terrible thing called cancer. They help out with whatever the family may need. Food, bills, comfort. Here is how you can help them help those in need in such a time of this is not fair. Cancer is not fair. It does not know age or gender or race. It is just mean. Here is how can fight for those that are fighting.

Their 30th Anniversary Party is right around the corner. Spring Fling is coming up on April 14th at St. Bernard's Church at 226 Wicks Lane in the heights. This is P.E.A.K.S. annual style show and luncheon. It kicks off at 11:00 am yet the doors do open at 10:00 am. Tickets are only $25.00 for reserved seating. If you would like to get your seat now call Rose S. at 259-2074 or Rose C. at 697-1098. "Helping cancer patients and their families". We all know someone who has gone to war with this nasty thing. I lost my aunt almost three ago and it still feels fresh. I had some close friends have a little guy who was only four taken by this awful thing called cancer just a about two years ago.It sucks. Cancer sucks. Lets help out in anyway we can. Oh the bad words I want to say to cancer. Billings is great in helping each other out in a time of need. This event will be no different!

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