This year, instead of blowing our tax return on a trip to Vegas and a giant new TV, we decided to put some money back into our house.  Not nearly as fun as the other options, but probably the smarter choice. I put in a couple of new exterior doors, the carpet guys just got done with new carpet and vinyl plank flooring in the entryways last week.  And my wife has been a painting fool.

She loves painting. She really does. I do not. The great thing about paint is that it's relatively inexpensive (at least for the interior) and you get to instantly enjoy the results of your handiwork. It's amazing how much different colors can totally change the look of a room.  She purchased a few other odds and ends like some new drapes and stuff and our living room looks entirely different.

Now if I can just keep our 3 muddy dogs off the new carpet, we'll be in good shape. Wish me luck.

Next time,


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