United Blood Services needs our help! Across the whole state there is a shortage of blood. Did you know one donation can save three people in need. Can you imagine if someone you love or you yourself needed blood and there wasn't any? That is why we need to step up and make a donation! Let's all find the hero in us. They really need our help this month. Actually they need our help every month because there is a need year round to keep the supply up.

If you have never donated before now is the time to do it! Don't be afraid it is not bad at all and doesn't take much time. You could do it on your lunch hour that's how fast it is! I have donated for the past few years. After the first time I knew it would be something I would do for the rest of life. So this is a call to action to find the hero in you! Call and make your life saving appointment today at 248-9168 or check them out online and schedule your appointment right there on their web site! http://unitedbloodservices.org/

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