No, COVID-19, you can not cancel the Black Friday sales. Stores have kicked off some early Black Friday sales super early to help practice social distancing and make sure staff and customers are safe. One thing we all want to know is, who has the best Black Friday sales this year.

According to Wallet Hub, multiple stores have fewer Black Friday sales than previous years but that doesn't mean they will not have any at all. We learned from a list of "Best Places to Shop on Black Friday" that JCPenney is the store that will have the biggest savings for customers.

Here are some stores with the best savings this Black Friday, according to Wallet Hub.

  • JCPenney - Average Discount 56.7%
  • Macy's - Average Discount 56.0%
  • Kohl's - Average Discount 51.9%
  • Nordstrom - Average Discount 39.0%
  • GameStop - Average Discount 38.8%
  • The Home Depot - Average Discount 32.1%
  • Dicks Sporting Goods - Average Discount 31.8%

Those were just department stores with the largest average discounts for this year's Black Friday sales. If you ask me, those aren't the greatest discounts but you can't blame the stores for not having bigger discounts because this year's sales probably stunk due to the pandemic.

If you think that Walmart or Target will average some really good Black Friday sales, you are incorrect. Walmart and Target sales averages will be in the 20% area. Not too impressive.

Wallet Hub also stated that Amazon will average a 26.5% Black Friday sales.

Has it ever really been worth it to go crazy to the mall to do some Black Friday shopping? I've always thought that Black Friday sales stunk but either way I still check them out to see if I get lucky and find some crazy good deals.

Oh, and if you love Costco just know that they are one of the stores that will have some of the lowest discounts on Black Friday.

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