Marijuana users can now argue against a common stereotype after a new study shows that there is no correlation between performance on the job and the use of marijuana.

A study published in May 2020 titled "Altered States or Much to Do About Nothing? A Study of When Cannabis Is Used in Relation to the Impact It Has on Performance" could be used to convince employers that marijuana use by employees is perfectly fine when done on their own time.

The study, authored by  of San Diego State University and  of Auburn University, showed that the performance of people who used marijuana after work didn't suffer or improve. The findings showed that their was zero influence on how well the employees could complete tasks while on the job.

On the other hand, marijuana use before and during work caused performance of workers to significantly worsen.

Data from 281 workers and supervisors was collected through a few different methods for the study.  The entire selection process, data gathering, and conclusions of the study are all available for free by Sage Journals.

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