Last week me, my stepkid Hunter (pictured above) and my wife and baby were back in Utah, taking the baby to some doctor appointments. We stayed in Park City, because we got a screaming deal on an Airbnb.  And we went to the Olympic Park training center.

It is AWESOME. Super cool to watch these athletes train.  They have a a special surface on the ramps, that allow them to ski without snow.  It looks like a bunch of tiny little plastic spikes and they mist them with water to reduce friction.  The skiers climb up the steps to the top, wait their turn and come flying down.  The pool has these huge air pumps that fill it with bubbles.  I assume this is reduce the impact when they land.

There were even little kids training on the smallest ramp in the background.  Maybe 6 - 10 years old.  They'd fly off the ramp and nearly all of them would belly flop face first into the pool. Hilarious.  Everyone loves a good belly flop.

If you're ever in the area, check it out. It's free and there are a couple ski museums you can wander thru as well.

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