When you buy milk at the grocery store, do you root to the back to get the freshest jug?  Normally the expiration is about a week ahead of whatever today's date is, right? That seems pretty standard.

Yesterday, all the grocery stores were closed and baby needed milk.  I trudged off to the gas station to buy some. All of the gallon jugs were sold out. The only milk I could find were the little bottles, seen in the photo above. I bought them, since they were my only option at 9 pm on Christmas. Begrudgingly paying almost $2 each.  When I got home I noticed the "best by" date on the lids.  These little milks are good until FEBRUARY 15th!!!  Over 45 days from now!  How is this possible, when grocery store milk is only good for like a week?  I read the ingredient list carefully and it seems like there are no preservatives. Just milk and added vitamins.

Is this some kind of milk conspiracy? Do gas stations get special super-milk?  Why do I have so many questions about this?

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