Over the past few years Taco Bell has added a few new things to their menu. Like breakfast and the Doritos tacos and what not. Now they will be adding something that has nothing to do with the taco family and it sounds crazy good! If you love nachos and fries well then you will love this! Nacho fries. Yep it is a thing now.

They tested them in West Virginia and California and I guess they were a hit because now they will hit the nationwide menu on January 25th. They are covered in "bold Mexican seasoning" and they come with a side of nacho cheese. So basically cheese fries with a little kick. Not going to lie they do sound pretty good! The best part is the standard size is only $1.00 so if they are not that great (I bet they will be) you are only out a buck. They also have a supreme or the bell grande, which comes with loaded as all can be! Beef, pico de gallo, sour cream, and more nacho cheese. Sign me up for that! Anything with sour cream is a tasty treat. Just when I thought I couldn't love Taco Bell anymore than I already do they pull this haha Dang you Taco Bell you have done it again!

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