Is there anything better an tacos? Yes. Yes there is.

Tacos and booze.

And everyone's favorite fast food Mexican restaurant is responsible for making this dream a reality!! Taco Bell is putting booze on the menu at more than 300 new locations that will be 'cantina-style.' Meaning... no drive thru.

When is all of this happening? Between now and 2022 all 300 should be up and running! And I'm sure your follow up question is what kind of booze... I got you!  Beer, wine, sangria, and slushies with tequila, rum or vodka. Yes... slushies!

The new stores will also feature open kitchens and digital menu boards. FANCY!

Bad news though...Most of the locations will be situated in big cities like Detroit, Pittsburgh, Nashville and New York. So Billings may not be on the board quite yet but I have high hopes for us!!


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