After talking about this with Kaitlyn this morning, I learned that not everyone is geeky enough to know what "spoofing" is, but have probably been, or will be, a victim of it at some point.

Recently, I started getting daily calls from phone numbers that are one digit away from mine.  My number ends with 3182 and I'll get calls from 3181 or 3183.  Like many people. more often than not I ignore calls from numbers I don't know, but curiosity got the better of me and I answered one of them.  The first time, it was an actual human asking why my number had called him several times that day.  I told him that I hadn't called him and he must've already known about spoofing because he didn't need anymore explanation, he just said, "Okay, cool" and hung up.

I answered the next call that was one digit away from mine expecting it to be another person wondering why I was harassing them, but this time it was an automated message about lowering the interest rate on my credit card.  It's extremely annoying and there's likely nothing you can do about it.

I wish I had some advice on how to protect yourself from these calls, but I don't.  I thought I could at least educate some people on what is going on if you're getting calls from strangers saying that you've been calling their number.

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