It's obvious that the holidays are the most traveled time of the year, especially Thanksgiving. But there are a lot of facts and statistics about traveling this time of year that could help you save money and get to your destination in a safer and quicker fashion!


41,900,000 - the number of people that are packing up their cars and hitting the road for Thanksgiving.

36,100,000 - the number of people pouring into airports to get to their Thanksgiving meals.

60% - the percentage of improvement the traffic is on the Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving.

3p-5p - the worse time frame to drive on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

25% - how much less a flight is if your return flight is on a Friday or Tuesday.


Other random Thanksgiving Facts:

20 - the number of times more that people Google Mapped 'ham shop' or 'pie shop' as opposed to any other Wednesday.

96% - the percentage of families in the US that get together for Thanksgiving.

79% - the percentage of American's that value their Thanksgiving meal leftovers over the actual meal!

$50.11 - the average that American's spend on their Thanksgiving dinner.

28% - the percentage of people that will have more than 12 people at their dinner.


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