This is super exciting news for Downtown Billings. The legendary, historic Babcock Theater is re-opening TONIGHT (11/16/18) as a feature film movie house. Volunteers have been working for months, cleaning and restoring the old beauty to some of her former glory.  There is a great article written by Anna Paige in today's Gazette that you should probably read if you're a history fan. It's extremely interesting.

And here's something REALLY sweet. This weekend they're showing a bunch of awesome 80's movies for a DOLLAR.  One buck. After the ribbon cutting tonight, they'll be showing Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade at 7PM.

Saturdays shows are: TOP GUN at 1 PM and THREE AMIGOS (!!!) at 4 PM. THE PRINCESS BRIDE shows at 7:30.  $1 admission.  On Sunday you can catch SOME LIKE IT HOT at 1:30.

Soon the Babcock will begin playing current feature films.  I think this will be a real boost to the neighborhood and I can not wait to go see a movie at the Babcock!

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