Most anglers in Montana spend the majority of the winter months dreaming about warmer weather and the first cast of spring (except for those crazy ice fishermen and women... they're hardcore). If you can't wait for the upcoming season to get your fishing fix, come check out the 2022 Fly Fishing Film Tour, January 27th at the historic Babcock Theater in Downtown Billings.

Senior man flyfishing in river
Credit: Stephen Schauer

Witness incredible fishing filmed from exotic locations around the globe.

Presented by Outside, Inc., the 2022 Fly Fishing Film Tour highlights fishing adventures from around the world. Here's a synopsis,

The 2022 show will feature locations from Costa Rica, Hawaii, Maryland, Belize, Louisiana, Alabama, Australia, Colombia and beyond. Follow a legendary spear fisherman across the endless atolls of Belize, watch as a mother passes her passion for fishing down to the next generation, and explore the history of one of the most legendary tarpon fisheries in the word at Casa Mar.

See the trailer below.

Get tickets online or enter on our Mobile App for a chance to win.

Tickets are $18 each and are available HERE. Special thanks to Costa, Yeti, Simms, Scientific Anglers, and Oskar Blues for sponsoring the 2022 Fly Fishing Film Tour. Discount tickets can also be found at East Rosebud Fly & Tackle. Enter to win free tickets along with a schwag prize-pack that includes a hat, a bow-line retainer, and a baclava. 

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