I have been watching this show since the very first season and every Monday night I still sit down with friends and watch the train wreck that is "love."

Although I'm much older now, and I mean to the point where I am now older than most of the contestants, I still enjoy it and God knows why. Watching 20 something girls all fight for one guy while he makes out with all of them. See, in real life if a guy did that then we would flip our you know what but since this is a TV show and The Bachelor, it's all good and fair game. SO WEIRD. But somehow, I still love it, religiously.

So, last night was week two and the rose ceremony went just about how I thought it would. We all know who is going to be in the final six or eight so we could just skip ahead to that point and not really miss anything. Anyhow, first up, Corinne. Hmm.... SHE HAS GOT TO GO. She's a little over the top (whip cream, really??), selfish, too sexual for comfort, and possibly a grown up 12-year-old. The women admitted to have a nanny that does her dishes and makes her snacks. What the what?? However, on the group date where they danced with the Backstreet Boys (super jealous) she showed a side I hadn't seen. Insecurity. The girl is incredibly insecure and unfortunately for her, that will be her demise.

Vanessa's one-on-one date. I LOVE HER. And can I just say that she might be the only person on planet Earth that looks beautiful while barfing? Nick really stepped up and took care of her. It was adorable to watch and honestly I think that it's important in this show to have those moments because in real life, there will be barfing and it isn't glamorous. Bravo Nick, bravo.

The second group date where they ran track and stuff.... These girls look gorgeous in workout gear except none of them seem all too athletic lol.  I REALLY wanted Sarah to win time with Nick but I'm bias because she's a fav of mine. That date was just whatever for me... Fast forward to the pool party. Again, Corinne has got to go. Also, does she have a sleeping problem? The girl is ALWAYS asleep! Anyhow, I'm glad the girls are starting to call her out but more importantly Vanessa calls Nick out and says she isn't concerned about Corinne's intentions, she is concerned about what Nick is really looking for. Good on ya, girlfriend!

Guess we will have to wait until next week to see who gets to continue on this love journey!

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