We have heard that the Art House will be showing movies at the Babcock! This one in particular I am so excited for! This is a once in a life time chance to screen the movie the Ballard Of Lefty Brown. It was actually filmed right here in Montana. Ennis was were the filming took place. Here is the cool part there will be a very special Q&A after the film with the director Jared Moshe and BILL PULLMAN!

The movie is rated R so I wouldn't bring the kids but the story line sounds way amazing. It is about Lefty Brown a cowboy (Bill Pullman) that witnesses the murder of his long time partner. He sets out to track down his pals killers. He tracks them across Montana and... well you know what I won't spoil the movie. Tickets are only $8 and it is on January 23rd 7:15 - 10:15pm at the Babcock. You can get your tickets here https://ticketing.us.veezi.com/

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