So, my parents flew here to Billings from Seattle this week to visit and help my husband and I move into our new house! My parents are from Oregon and would have normally flown out of Portland but tickets were hundreds of dollars cheaper to fly out of SEATAC.

Well, my favorite part about the Seattle airport and Seattle in general is Ivar's. If you have no idea what this is please do yourself a favor and look it up. If you have eaten at Ivar's anywhere in the 'Sound' then you know what I'm talking about. The BEST fish & chips. And I was very sad that my Mom wouldn't bring me fish & chips all the way to Billings (she's a lot more realistic than me, obviously).

However, when I do need my fix, there are a few places here in Billings that are pretty delicious!

1. Crazy Mary's - Yes, she's actually slightly crazy. But her food is amazing!

2. Uber Brew - I know, sounds like an odd place but they actually have tasty fried fish and amazing french fries!

3. Montana Brew Co - The batter is DELICIOUS!

4. Bayou City Catfish - Definitely not your British fish & chips but who can pass up fried catfish?!

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