I like lists. Lists of Things To Do are ok. Grocery store lists are mandatory. But what I really like are lists of things that are awesome. You know, the ones that come up in your feed that are like, "Top Awesome Spots You've Never Been Before!". How can I resist clicking on a list like that??

Being a List lover, I enjoy most of the End of Year lists that are rolling out now. Biggest movies of 2018 (hint: it was Black Panther). Biggest songs of the year according to Esquires list. Highest grossing concert tours (it was T Swift). I'll click all of those lists. Then there is the Famous People Who Died in 2018 list. Don't lie. You read it too. George H.W. Bush is fresh in our mind. Wiki's got a huge list of notable people who went to the Great Beyond this year.

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