Can't figure out what you want to make for dinner? Need an idea for a party dish? Have to make something for a get together and just can't find the perfect thing to make?

These are all reasons why we take to the internet to find a new recipe or dish that we haven't made or have and can't remember how to make it. According to there is a trend in what people are searching based on what state they are in. Of course I needed to know what Montanan's search for more often... and the answer might surprise you.


Yup, scones. Didn't specify what type of scones but let's be honest.... who cares?! ALL scones are delicious! Raspberry, lemon, plain with strawberry's and whip. It is not surprising to me that Montanan's are looking for sweets or pastries out of anything else because I think, especially here in Billings, we have some of the best baked goods money can buy and a lot of good home cooks!

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