Remember a few weeks ago when Crayola announced they were getting rid of a crayon color. Well, they did. It was Dandelion Yellow. RIP. They then announced that they would be adding a new color to the family of crayons and I have been patiently waiting to find out what the color is!

Well, it got announced yesterday and it is about a million times cooler than expected.

A few years ago, Chemists at Oregon State University accidentally created a brand new color of blue. It's called "YInMn." And Crayola, those geniuses, are going to use that!!  My Alma Mater (go Beavs!) are going to be a new crayon! Okay... sort of. But still, HOW COOL?!

The Statesman Journal did an entire report about it, read that HERE.

And if that isn't cool enough.... Crayola wants the public to name the crayon!! All  the details on how to vote and pick a name are in that article link above!

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