Facebook is lit up with people talking about the planned Billings' high schools walk-out on March 14th.  Many people seem proud that students are showing their concern and demanding change to keep schools safer, but there seem to be just as many crying "Suspend Them!" or "I'll sue the school if they let my kid walk out", etc.

My solution would be this:  If you're one of the parents who think this is a good idea, go to the school on 3/14 at the appropriate time, and sign your kid out.  This will keep them from breaking the rules, but allow them to participate in the demonstration with you by their side.  If you disagree with this action, explain to your son or daughter that you don't support this and if they choose to do it against your wishes they will have to face the same consequences as they would if they walked out for any other reason.

On a personal note, to the people who are saying "They're just trying to get out of class", or "they're being cry babies" (yep, I've seen that), I'd say you really haven't taken the time to put this in perspective.  If you went to the movies anytime shortly after the Aurora shooting, odds are you looked around you at the people and probably at the exit door a time or two.  It likely crossed your mind that at some point, someone could do the same thing.  The only comfort we really have is in statistics.  Odds are, you won't be in that place at that time, but that's perhaps not as comforting to others.  I absolutely believe there are kids who are going to school with this fear everyday.  Not everybody...some will take the "that wouldn't happen here" point of view and statistically, they are probably right; however, I don't know why it would be hard to believe that there are kids on the other end of the spectrum who worry that some fellow student might lose it someday and start taking random shots.

I don't think there is anything we could ever do to prevent all evil from occurring on this planet, but I agree with the father who lost his little girl in the Parkland shooting that we CAN make our schools safer.  Major changes in gun regulations, if there ever are any, would likely take a long time and still wouldn't prevent a shooting from a determined psychopath.  Safer schools should be something we can all be on the same side about.



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