What's in a name? A lot when it comes to food. Wifey and I had a rare afternoon without children Sunday, so I thought we'd take a country drive and head to Absarokee, then pop over to Red Lodge for a couple of drinks and food.  Weather was nice when we left the house.  Naturally, it clouded up by the time we got to Columbus.  No worries. A few clouds were not gonna stop this Sunday Funday.

We stopped at the Five Spot in Absarokee. If you haven't been there for a while, the new-ish owners have done a great job with the menu and some remodeling. We had a drink then took the back road over to Red Lodge and stopped at one of our favorites, Foster and Logans. Food was good - as always. I thought it was funny though while I was watching people walk by on the sidewalk... I had left the house in shorts and a tee shirt. While all the tourists in Red Lodge were sporting their finest North Face jackets and winter parka's. Lol.  Oh... tourists, you crack me up. In their defense, it's probably been pretty chilly at night.

After food, we stopped at Scoops Ice Cream, where I spotted the awesome sidewalk sign for the Stinky Chicken pizza.  Hilarious. I asked the kid working inside about their pizza's, which apparently they've been making for about a year, and he says, "they're ok".  Way to upsell your product, kid.  Well done.

Anyway, if you wanna get out and check out the fall leaves and stuff before they all fall off, you'd better get on it.  Most of the trees up there are already golden, and when the first snow or heavy rain and wind comes this weekend that'll be it.

Next time,



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