The struggle is real when it comes to shopping for Christmas. Today I sat down and tried to make a list of who all I need (and want to) buy for. My mind went blank in a matter of a few seconds after my list grew and grew and grew. The holidays can be very stressful because we all want everything to be perfect. The perfect gift and perfect wrapping paper etc. If you are not careful it can make you want to pull your hair out or just give up. If that sounds like you know you are not alone haha

Actually a survey by Groupon said that 71% of people get stressed out by all of this holiday noise! That is dang near 3/4 of us! That is way crazy yet sounds about right. They also said that about 1/5 of us start to stress in SEPTEMBER! Seems pretty early to start to panic. The worst stat they brought up was that 80% of people are annoyed by Christmas. Talk about being a Grinch if that is you! That right there says that we all need to breath, have a drink maybe, and relax. This is the happiest time of the year! I think we all put way too much pressure on ourselves then before you know it we are all last minute shoppers. Talk about stressful right there! That is when you just panic and get gift cards. Some people dig those, but to me they are really an "I panicked" gift. So as we get closer to Christmas just relax and shop on!

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