I found this sock laying in the parking lot of our radio station when I came in to work yesterday.  At first it didn't really catch my attention.  I have kids. I know how many socks get lost, on a seemingly daily basis. My baby girl loves to take off her sock (just the left one for some reason) and chuck it wherever she darn well feels.

I also realize our office is in a hotel and when parents are busy loading / unloading kids at night, or in the morning or in bad weather or whatever... it's no surprise that socks, toys, sippy cups and other stuff is bound to get dropped. Lost forever as the family continues on to wherever they are headed. .

I took a few steps past the sock and stopped.  A darker thought crossed my mind and that is child trafficking. My over active imagination started coming up with crazy ideas. "What if this sock got left behind when someone was snatching a kid? What if this was my little girls sock? What if I saw something suspicious?"

All kinds of horrible ideas crossed my mind that I think every parent considers and tries to maybe ignore. And that is my point of this blog. It's not about socks at all.  It's about being alert. Child trafficking is not just something that happens in third world countries. It doesn't just happen in big cities. It's a growing problem here in good ol' Montana. If you see something suspicious, PLEASE call the non emergency police line. If you are a parent you are probably more in tune with something that doesn't seem right. Listen to those little alarms that might be going off in your head and report it.

There is also a national hotline to call if you want to report something unusual or suspect someone might be a victim of trafficking. 1-888-373-7888.  Or visit the National Human Trafficking website HERE.

Enough dark thoughts for today. Happy Weekend and see you at the Montana Womens Expo Sat 4/13/18 at Metra Park.


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