Yesterday I went fishing with my family. My brother, niece, uncle, and the boy friend . We decided to go to Riverfront Park to just enjoy the weather and try to fish. We had no hopes at all of catching things but oh boy did we ever! I had no idea of the things that live in that pond. I knew there was turtles and sunfish but I never expected to see what we saw.

Catfish for days! First of all they are ugly little buggers. Lets be real that is a face that not even a mother could love! I had no idea how big they could get until we pulled this guy out of the pond. Not only was he super long but he weighted a ton! Clearly we didn't keep anything but it was fun to get out and try a different spot to fish. My niece was so cute every time one of us would pluck one out she wanted nothing to do with them but still wanted to name them and keep them.

Riverfront is such a great spot to get out and enjoy our town. The bike paths and trails are awesome, and there are so many place to dunk a worm! Plus who doesn't love to feed ducks?! If you want some place to take the kids this is it! So much to do! The best part is everyone goes home tired from playing so hard. I was pooped after about five hours are being out there. If you are worried about the mosquitoes... don't be they were not bad at all! (FYI if you plan to fish for these ugly guys they really like corn. Weird I know but it works!)

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