This past weekend I went on a very fast trip to see my cousins in Lake Tahoe. I had never been there before and boy oh boy is that place amazing! We went floating, swimming, hiking, and more. On the last day of my vacation we went for a family picnic. We seriously just drove until we found a spot that looked good. So we pulled in and walked down the path. On the way to the beach I spotted this. Gnome-Ville.

It is by far one of the most unique and sweetest things I have ever seen. It is simply a hollowed out tree stump with a cute door on it. When you open the door it is full of notes. Notes of hopes and dreams and well wishes. Along with cute little things people have found on the path like pine cones, twigs, grass, or even a bff bracelet.


I think it would be really neat to do this someplace in town or near town! Norms Island maybe? Would this be something you and your family would check out? I know my niece would go nuts to read the notes and leave her own! I hope to make this happen. There is Gnome place like Billings!


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