So my kid is 8th grade. His big priorities are: when are we going to eat, and when can I play Fortnite. That's about it.  His school has been REALLY pushing the upcoming 8th grade trip to Washington DC.  It kind of bugs me how hard they push these trips on students. Trips that are quite expensive (I think this one is $2500 per kid).  Trips that are promoted by an outside company, who I'm sure make a tidy sum on these sweet school tours.  I honestly wonder if the tour salesmen get a bonus if they sign up a certain number of kids.

Here's the thing. We can't afford it right now. I don't have time to help him raise money. We all know it would just turn into me and mom doing all the fundraising.  And two, I feel like he would learn more and benefit more if the trip was in high school.  Did you care at all about politics when you were FOURTEEN years old? No?  Me neither. This week-long adventure would be mainly him and his buddies screwing around on the bus, screwing around at the hotel, and most likely screwing around in Washington DC.  Let's call it a glorified "learning" vacation for the kids. We could take our family on a modest vacation for $2500 bucks.

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