It doesn't rain often here in Billings in the summer. It can be tough to figure out something to do when it rains. I personally love sleeping but I also have a job they frown upon sleeping during the say here! And of course while the fair is in town it has to rain... Murphy's Law!

If you planned to go to the fair today, the rain doesn't look like it's stopping so here are a few things you can do to stay out of the weather!

  1. BINGO - Don't worry, it's only 50 cents a game and you get to hang out with a ton of old people (one of my favorite things).
  2. Ag Barn - who doesn't love cute, adorable, fluffy animals?
  3. Art Barn - check out all the quilts and art that people have spent a lot of time and talent on!
  4. Marketplace - in need of Scensy products, oils, food spices, DirectTV or random odds and ends? This is the place for you! Make sure to bring cash!
  5. Beer Garden - that is pretty much self explanatory.
  6. Ferris Wheel - if you must ride rides this one is the most closed in it gets!

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