So it has been a few months since I have been part of this single scene. To be honest it is scary! Kris and I both got Tinder a few months back and switched phones and swiped for each other. Then being the smart girl I am I let other people "play" Tinder. Something I learned from this whole deal is sometimes your friends know you better than you know yourself when it comes to dating.

Yes there was a handful of gross comments and duds, but there was a few that didn't seem that bad! One of the scary things is the fact it is a stranger. A stranger. I don't know anything about you at all sir! Middle name, favorite color, your mom's name, etc. I guess those are the things you can learn when you get to know a stranger! So today I am taking a big step and going on what they call a date. Well sort of. We have hung out a few times, but this time it is a public outing! SCARY! Is it normal to be so nervous? It has been over five years since I have been on a real outing with a gentlemen. Let me tell you this man is a keeper. What do I wear?! What do I do?! Basically I need help on dating 101! Any advice would be awesome!

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