With the rash of school kids getting hit by distracted drivers in the past week, I thought now may be a good time to encourage you to go "hands free" while driving. It's not only the law in city limits, but it just makes sense. It's been a while since a kid has been hit and killed in Montana while getting on or off the bus, but it has happened in the past and I would hate to hear about it on our local news.

This simple little holder is AWESOME. I tried a different style before this one (that looked like an octopus with bendy arms and wacky clamps) and it was a pain to use and not really very stable. Here's another pic of the one I use.

Michael Foth~TSM
Michael Foth~TSM

This little guy is easy to remove from your phone and easy to "stick" back in place in the air hole of your choice.  The best part is, I found it at TJ Maxx for literally less than $2.  It's stable, doesn't fall off the dash and does it's job surprisingly well. Stay attentive out there and put your damn phone down when driving. Thanks!

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