How did we all have the SAME exact high school administrators?

A comedian who goes by HeyTonyTV on social media is hilarious proof that no matter where you grew up, we all went through the same daily scenarios through the hilarious videos that he shares on TikTok.

While Tony does videos of multiple high school faculty members at the fictional "Quarter Brick High School," his best character by far is the female administrator known for her hilarious catchphrases and signature quirks.


Whether it was a principal, vice-principal, or counselor his character reminds me of faculty members that I had in every school from elementary through high school.

From the keys shaking from the lanyard to the laugh to the "uhhhhuhhhh," Tony will have you rolling with laughter with the type of nostalgia that will take you back to the halls of your childhood school days. You can follow his TikTok here, but I'm gonna get you started with a few of my favorites.

We've all seen them in halls warning us about that second bell.

And you know they always hated having to come into class when we were acting up with a sub.

The only thing worse than them having to come to class may be when they were called to our bus.

And then there were fights.

Some of the most subtle videos are actually the most accurate. We've all been in this situation before.

And just because we weren't on campus didn't mean we couldn't still get the business.

If you've ever been stuck at school without a ride, this one will hit home.

Or if you ever saw the administrator outside of school.

Fire drills were always super extra.

They always found a way to get involved with sports, but usually because they just wanted to get out of the office.

But no matter what, nothing got past them.

And who could forget these pizza parties?

See the rest of Tony's comedy on his TikTok here and follow him on all his other platforms while you're at it.

Here's a nice write-up about what got him into this type of comedy and what plans he has for the future.

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