Time is running out for the Seize The Deal Auction! If you have bid on anything make sure you are still the highest bid before 7:00pm because that is when it is over! If you have not taken a look at all the cool stuff do it now at www.seizethedeal.com !

One of the coolest things that I saw on the auction was the A Home Veterinarian Services. They will do check ups in their office and also at your home! That is neat if you don't have time to check your fur babies a check up. I am so bidding on that for sure! By the time I get home every day I am tired and last thing I want to do is drive across town to the vet. Never again will I have to do that!

Not only do they do wellness exams and vaccinations for cats and dogs they also do it for horses and cattle. They want to help your pets stay healthy year round!

So like I said the auction ends at 7:00pm so get on and bid now!

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