With the warm weather coming fast all I can think about is hitting the greens! I enjoy golf fore (get it?) a number of reasons. One it is always awesome to do anything outside and two you get to drive the cart! I am by no means great or even good at the game. I spend most of the time looking for my ball. Basically I play an expensive round of a scavenger hunt, but yet it is always still such a blast.

I had no idea how much your game would improve if you have the right clubs. I got "fit" for clubs a few months back and my gosh did it make a difference. Not every club fits every person I learned. From your height to your body build it really does impact your game. My game improved so much thanks to having the perfect fit!

There are so many places to go golf around Billings and the surrounding area it is unreal! I didn't find out till recently that Columbus even has a golf course! It is totally on my golf bucket list to hit this summer. So with that said where else is a great place to go swing my clubs? I clearly have no golf knowledge and could use some help! I have been to most if not all of the courses in Billings so anything that maybe a fun day vacation would be awesome! Any ideas?


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