It is that time of year where ever thing turns into pumpkin flavored. Like seriously everything. I know that people love all of the strange pumpkin drinks and treats, so when I saw this today I was not surprised at all. Keebler released Pumpkin Fudge Stripes cookies. Now that little elf and his pals have even jumped on the pumpkin band wagon.

I googled "pumpkin spice flavored foods" and the list is nuts! I knew that there was a lot of sweet treats that are flavored pumpkin but some of the list is just down right gross while others don't seem too weird. Here is just a small taste of the list. Cereal, eggos, Oreos, M&Ms (those are so gross) ice cream, jello, twinkies, peeps, butter, and more.Those are all pretty normal things that change with the seasons. Then I got to this...pumpkin spice chicken sausage and bacon. That sicks me out way bad! Another thing that is too gross for words is pumpkin spice tooth paste. Yep that is a real thing. There is even protein powder, a sweet burrito, and milk.I think we have taken the love of this flavor too far. I guess there is even a challenge where you only eat and drink and basically breath pumpkin spice for a full month. That would not be hard to do with even this small list! We must end the madness or at least take it down a tad!

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