What a great day today is! National Love Your Pets Day. For those of us who have a pet of some sort they mean the world to us. Even when mine are naughty I can't stay too mad for too long. Maybe it is because they are so cute, or maybe it is because they steal our hearts the minute they become part of your family. Hard to say.

My oldest dog Scout is just about to turn 14. Not going to lie I don't know what I would do without her. She has never chewed anything up in her life. I know sounds like a lie but it is 100% true! She does have her weird habits like licking walls or taking your shoelaces out also she hides the remote. Well at least I think it is her I could just misplace it all the time haha My other little guy is just a weirdo to put it kindly. He runs into stuff and gets lost in the yard. Keep in mind my yard is SUPER small so I have no idea how that happens....daily. Point being we love our pets no matter how weird they can be. Happy National Love Your Pet Day! Hug your babies because today is their day!

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