Today is literally the best day of the entire year. National Wine Day! Join people all over the world by celebrating with a big ol' glass of vino. I know I'm jumping on the wine train as soon as I get home!

In honor of this amazing day, here are some random fact and stats about the fermented favorite:

• A study by Washington State University and Harvard reveals that drinking one to two glasses of wine every night may help curb your appetite. Researchers found that wine contains resveratrol, which stops fat cells from gaining more fat. Wine also makes you feel fuller

• The Daily Mail claims a study by the Yale School of Medicine reveals that drinking a glass of wine engages more of the brain than any other human behavior.

• 49% of people always buy the second cheapest bottle on the list

• 75% of people prefer to drink their wine at home

• 64% of people have Googled the price of wine that was a gift

• A study by Bristol University reveals that drinking wine makes you more attractive. 40 people took pics when sober and then, after downing one and two glasses of wine. Another group of people then rated the attractiveness of each headshot.

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