Starting today in Montana, you will have to dial 406 to call anybody in our state.  As I was reading up on this, I began wondering how many contacts that are saved in my phone are going to need to be updated.

This all happened because the FCC has decided to change the number for folks to reach the National Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Crisis Lifeline. The new number to call will be just three digits. If you need to call, just dial 9-8-8 starting July 16 of next year. Until then, the number 1-800-273-TALK.

This won't affect those of you who have all your numbers saved in "contacts" on your phone. But for guys like us, who have to call a lot of folks back, we'll have to add the 406 now.

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This won't be just affecting cell phones. If you have a  security system, you might want to check with your provider to make sure that your system will still alert the authorities if bad guys are breaking into your place. The same for your medical monitoring systems.

Make sure that "406" is listed on your business cards and other correspondence if you own your own business.

Don't forget to check your pet's ID tags to make sure that Rover and Fluffy have the 406 on the tag, so people will know who to call if they get lost. In Montana, where we only have one area code, you should be fine. But sometimes people take their pets with them on trips. If they get away from you in New Mexico, you'll still have a better chance of getting your animal back.

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