Netflix and binge. It is a thing. After my surgery the other day all I wanted to do was lay around eat popsicles and watch Netflix. A friend of mine told me I had to watch this show called Atypical. I watched an episode or two with him and I fell in love with it. So naturally I had to watch as many as I could while I was posted up on my mom's couch after getting home from the hospital. Turns out there is only two seasons of this show. Talk about a let down. I got so into it! So yes I did watch every episode of the two seasons in one sitting/ napping of a day. Seriously if you have not seen this show it is so worth it! I really hope they have a season three. It is one of those shows you can not stop thinking about. I would say more about it about I don't want to give too much a way. It is that good. Well in my mind it is that great.

After it was over I had to ask Siri what would be the top ten shows to binge watch on Netflix in October, and for reason I asked her what the top dramas would be. The list sort of surprised me. So according to google and my sometimes friend Siri this is what you can look forward to this October if you need to snuggle up and get lost in a drama.

1. Alias Grace

2. Peaky Blinders

3. Mind Hunter

4. The People V. O.J. :American Crime Story

5. Mad Men

6. Breaking Bad

7. Better Call Saul

8. The West Wing

9.The Returned

10. Halt and Catch Fire

Pretty good mix of old shows and ones I have never heard about before. If you had to pick a show to binge watch what it be?

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