Every year there is a must have toy. The one toy every kid super wants but only a handful get them. CNN just released a list of the top toys for this holiday season. If I was a kid to be honest there is not really anything on their list that I would die if I got. I have seen a few other hot toy lists and one thing I would want is the Cozmo Robot. He is smart and cute! He is worth the google if you don't know what to get your kids. Here is what CNN came up with.

XPV Xtreme Skateboard

Barbie Dream House (duh)

Fingerlings (no idea what those are)

Hatchimals Surprise

Jurassic World VR Adventure (ok I lied I would so want that)


Nintendo Switch

Play Impossible Gameball

Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Tiny Arcades

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