Shish kebabs (also spelled kabobs or - if you are of the redneck variety - k-bobs) are pretty awesome. Who doesn't love meat on a stick, right? Oh, and the vegetables are ok too. I grill all year, but have really been using the bbq more now that the weather is nice. There is nothing difficult about kebabs. Take your marinated meat and skewer it. Oil up your veggies and skewer them too. I put the meat and veggies on different sticks, because cooking times are not always the same. And I skip the tomatoes. Who the heck likes hot tomatoes?? Gross. Anyway, I discovered this trick a couple years ago....

Michael Foth~TSM
Michael Foth~TSM

USE TWO STICKS!  Omg, this makes everything much easier to flip on the grill when you are turning your stuff. Mind. Blown. And don't forget to soak your skewers in water for an hour or so before you start so they don't burn up right away.

Grill on, grillers!


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