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I had just recently posted an article about the new artwork by kids on a neighborhood bike way, a path between the North and Rose parks.  Well, it's a little hard to enjoy any rides at all if the wheels and gears aren't running right.  For a simple machine, a bicycle can be a difficult thing to fix.  Just ask Dad or Mom.

This Saturday, April 27th, the 10th annual Buckaroo Bike Rodeo will be the best chance to get your two-wheeler tuned up for the summer adventures.  This year's Rodeo will be located in the Albertsons parking lot at 511 Central Avenue, starting at 10:00 in the morning and running until 2:00 in the afternoon.

Volunteers will adjust the mechanisms so the bike pedals and propels more smoothly.  There will be activities to do and a free lunch to keep you going.  Billings fire fighters, those brave men and women who run towards the danger, will be there.  Mom or Dad can buy raffle tickets for you to enter into drawings for bikes.

I just check the weather forecast and there is a chance of rain.  Bring a jacket or raincoat just in case, and sunscreen for if I'm totally wrong and it's beautiful.

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Credit: MNStudio, TSM Media Center
Credit: MNStudio, TSM Media Center

Thanks Much to the Sponsors for bringing this year's Rodeo to life.

Albertsons, Billings Clinic, the Chase Hawks Memorial Association, Cy-Corp Trailer, Franz Bakery, Pepsi, Rimrock Pediatric Dentistry, Trailhead Pediatric Dentistry, Woosley Trucking, and Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative.

Now get outside and have some fun.  Play it Safe.

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