A couple thousand of breweries from around the country competed in seven categories at the Great American Beer Festival (2016 competition) and Uberbrew took home a few big wins! Two golds, one silver and one bronze metal later Uberbrew also walked away with the title of 'Best Small Brewing Company' and we couldn't be more proud!!

Humulus Insani and Average At Best were two of the winning beers and for good reason! I personally am a huge fan of the Pink Slip but basically anything from Uberbrew is delicious; beer and food! This was one of the first restaurants I ate at when I moved to Billings a year ago and I have spent a lot of my last year eating and drinking there so I'm super happy for the whole team at Uberbrew!

Remember last summer when I got to go into the kitchen at Uberbrew and learn how to make a few things? In case you missed it, here's that video:

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