A few years ago I was attending a sales seminar. Naturally, one of the topics is how to be more productive and how to cut wasted time out of your life. One simple little thing from this class stood out for me, and that is how much time gets wasted on junk email.  So, a couple of times per year, I spend some time going thru my massive, bloated, overloaded inbox and start cutting. And it feels so good.

Today I was an unsubscribing fool. I just kept going, plowing thru bulk emails that I never open. Unsubscribe, useless Betty Crocker recipe newsletter! Unsubscribe, Wine Lover email! I don't even like wine (not sure how I ended up on your snobbish list in the first place).  Unsubscribed a whole bunch of daily "newsletters" that are really just glorified ads for things I'll never afford or want to purchase, like $395 dress shoes and titanium belt buckles. I probably unsubscribed from 20 different lists today.

Most of them are the same and easy to say adios. Two clicks and you're done. The ones that get me are the ones that try to guilt you into not unsubscribing.  Like the wine one in the picture. "Are you SURE??? How about a coupon?? PLEASE don't leave us", like a clingy, co-dependent relationship. Yes. I am sure. Bye-bye, spammy emails.

Next time,


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